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Atlanta, GA March 2021 – The fashion industry is forever changing with global milestones in urban culture and commerce. In turn, a pandemic has influenced new norms on what is worn, accepted, or trended. With enlightenment for inclusivity on the rise, designers such as Ysenia Reddick show acknowledgment to individuals beyond a binary beauty standard.

Ysenia curates magic as a femme black-owned design and fashion vendor in South Georgia. Dezigner Fashions LLC offers a line of “Queen” lingerie, various face masks to pair, and an accessory page customized by the owner herself. 

Dezigner Fashions also encourages all to sign up for a 10% discount via email when visiting. The public can see special deals and glimpses from the brand on social media (see below). Dezigner Fashions wants to make it crystal clear that there are no limitations to who can wear our line.

Media or Special Inquiry:

Furthermore, Dezigner Fashions is also seeking content assistance. Open calls for modeling, media opportunities, circulation, and pop-up partnerships with other aligning products will be announced in April.

About Ysenia:

Ysenia Reddick is an entrepreneurial cosmetologist and designer by trade. Post the COVID-19 pandemic she made the eager decision to launch Dezigner Fashions, an e-commerce site for femme lingerie, accessories, and other unique designs. Ysenia is a devout mother of three and a passionate beauty enthusiast whose sole mission is to empower the Dezigner Fashions mantra through her line.

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