The Brains Behind The Beauty

Ysenia Reddick is an avid cosmetologist and designer by trade in southern Georgia. Post the COVID pandemic Ysenia made the eager decision to launch Dezigner Fashions, an ecommerce site for femme lingerie, accessories, and other unique designs. Ysenia is a devout mother of three and a passionate beauty enthusiast who’s sole mission is to empower the Dezigner mantra through her line. That mantra is minimal and strong in its deliverance:

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be You.

Your experience with Dezigner Fashions is a priority, you must leave feeling vibrant. Beauty is what is underneath afterall. Women and all have the right to feel beautifully unique every and any day. To Ysenia take this mantra personally – represent yourself and your inclusivity. 

Her fashion career began with the birth of Sew So Chic. A personal and purely custom fashion project that was started in the late 2010’s. The focal point of these designs were to create elegant and esteemed linens for the community, but specifically by each order. 

“Sew So Chic is the product of a passionate desire of mine to create beautiful things through sewing. This desire was so strong, I knew that it was from God for a higher purpose. After taking lessons from Ms. Princess, who eventually became my sewing mentor, I started sewing for my family as a way to hone my skills and to expand my creative vision.” – Ysenia 2014

The evolution of Ysenia’s design skills have transformed into more defined threads in collaboration with vendors as well. When visitors sign up at they receive 10% off their first order! They can follow on social media for more too and indulge in a beautiful array of body positive content. The textiles speak for themself, start shopping here.


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